PKBAG KURNIA is renowned worldwide for its gift box, paper sack, SOS (Self Opening Sack) Paper Bag, non woven bag, medical box, charcoal or briquette bag, and shopping bag paper bag collections. The paper bag is now the best packaging medium globally because it is cheap and environment-friendly. The shopping bag and paper sack variety from PKBAG KURNIA are a favourite for many stores because they are heavy duty in nature thus making them a great choice for packing different products. The gift box varieties are very attractive with their glossy finish and are available in different sizes to fit different gift items. The non woven bag collections are very eye-catching and thus act as a good marketing portal for fashion stores but are still useful for day to day purposes. Charcoal bag is a luxury packaging for your charcoal and briquette product. Aside from being a strong packaging, it also gives a good image for your branding. The charcoal bag is made of 2 layer of paper ensuring a strong packaging for the heavy-lifting. Medical box is our newest product used for hospitals and clinics to dispose needle and syringe or other dry medical disposal.

PKBAG KURNIA has endeavoured to manufacture paper bag products that are functional and long lasting yet affordable to reduce the packaging costs for many stores. Our non woven bag and gift box varieties can be customised to suit any requirement. PKBAG KURNIA can supply the shopping bag and paper sack paper bag varieties in huge volumes for any size of store or outlet.