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PKBag, Perdana KarindoBag, is a company owned privately which was incorporated in Surabaya, Indonesia in 1988. We manufacture and export custom hand-finished paper bags. However, we also supply other printed products; for more details, please check our products section.

With 300 employees and 5,000 m2 factory located in Bambe, Surabaya, PKBag has been successfully serving local and intercontinental customers' needs in printing goods, especially hand-finished paper bags. Our hope to be a one of the counted paper bag manufacturers in Indonesia motivates us to keep growing. Being aware of the tight competition in this business, customers' satisfaction becomes our main attention; and that means high quality products with the lowest price in the market. Our facilities and twenty-year experience make us a considerable manufacturer for custom printing products.

Since 1988, PKBag has been a supplier in its area for local customers; in 1995, it reached out and started to export worldwide. Currently, orders from Europe, Asia, and USA are approximately 65% of our total sales.

We have professional graphic designers, graphic computerized equipments, factory sites, and most important thing is the desire to complete customer satisfaction regarding all your paper bag needs. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

- PKBag

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